Writing with the End in Mind

Friday 1:00 Room 1

Presenter: Paula Diaco


You have a book idea. Great! But is it well defined, or a broad, rambling idea that’s hard for you to explain? Who is your audience? Everyone? Let’s hope not. Even if a wide variety of people are interested in your topic, not everyone will buy your book. Define your topic and audience before you start writing. With them clear in your mind, you will know what chapter topics to include, your hook or angle for the book, and you’ll be able to focus on what your audience most needs to know. While writing a book is a demonstration of your art, selling a book is business. You want to write a book that reflects your expertise and knowledge, but will sell to an eager audience of readers.


Presenter. Paula Diaco

Paula Diaco helps creative entrepreneurs and service providers write books that reflect their philosophy and business expertise. She brings years of experience to her clients as a former freelance magazine writer, an editor in corporate communications, educational, and magazine publishing. She coaches on book writing and developing niche topics and audience as well as business development.