TikTok Sells Books

Friday 3:00 Room 1

Presenters: Jayne Rylon and Lila Dubois


TikTok Sells Books with Lila Dubois and Jayne Rylon – An overview of what Tiktok is, why it’s an important social media platform for authors to harness, and proof that TikTok Sells Books on both a viral and smaller scale. We’ll also discuss Booktok culture and content strategies effective for increasing sales.

Jayne Rylon and Lila Dubois


Jayne Rylon and Lila Dubois are full time authors with over 130 published books between them. They rely on social media to make their living, have strong author brands, and they determine what they spend their marketing efforts on based on its ability to reach readers and sell books.

Despite grumbling about learning a new platform, both had over 1,000 followers on TikTok in their first week on the platform and more than 10,000 in four months. With irrefutable proof that TikTok helped them sell books, they designed a course to help other authors like them do the same.

Friends for over ten years, Jayne and Lila are writing accountability partners and creative and business sounding boards for each other. This is their first joint class, but both Jayne and Lila offer other professional services, and have experience teaching and helping fellow authors. Jayne offers author coaching and business consulting, while Lila offers Facebook Ad Management and graphics services in addition to their writing.

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