Picture this: The impact of using creative media for illustrative works

Friday 1:00 Room 2

Presenter: Paula Diaco


Nothing captures a child’s heart and imagination like being read to. But how do we capture the attention of children in our glossy, professionalized, media-saturated world? Here’s the great news: producing creative media with your isn’t out of reach! Just imagine what you could do with:

  • an engaging trailer for your next novel
  • a reading of your children’s book with music and sounds to bring it to life
  • or a fully-cast rendition of your comic in the style of a radio drama

Join Ryan & Aura to learn about the whys, whats, and hows of using creative audio and video to take your work to the next level!

Ryan & Aura Paige

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Having grown up watching Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Ryan & Aura Paige have formative knowledge of the impact of simple, well-produced creative media on children; and as parents of 4, they recognize the value in having media you can trust that your kids can watch over and over. They both grew up in the performing arts, and got college degrees in elementary education and theatre. For 15 years they have worked in teaching and performing for children, as well as writing and developing scripts, books, and curricula. As professional voice actors, they help others to bring their works to life through audio and video production

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