Metro Boston Publishers

  • 08 Oct 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  •, 85 Park Avenue, Arlington MA 02476


  • Please RSVP; free to attend. You don't need to be an IPNE member, but you'll get a 50% discount on membership or renewal if you join at one of the workshop sessions. Registration is limited to 15.

IPNE membership is not required to attend; but we encourage you to join to take advantage of the full range of benefits that membership in the organization brings.

Metro Boston Publishers - IPNE Regional Group

Leveraging Media to Build Your Author Platform - Part I of II

Time to get your media literacy on! At our next Metro Boston Publishers IPNE regional group on Oct. 8, we'll meet at the state-of-the-art community media studio, in Arlington. Space is limited to the first 15 to register; if over-subscribed, we will open up a remote video link.

Station manager Jeff Munro will review best practices for producing professional-looking video and audio programs for broadcast. He'll review the community media studio's resources that are available for free community use, from DJI drones to gimbals, to video cameras, tripods, and portable HD sound equipment.* We'll also decide the frequency and dates for subsequent studio sessions of our program, Face The Book TV

"Creating sustainable programs of professional quality, on-boarding volunteers, and supporting creative initiatives like Face The Book TV are among our guiding principles at ACMi," said Munro. "We are excited to get this type of programming on the local channels. Keep in mind that your program can also be exported to our network of community media stations across the country. And media literacy and production skills are two extremely valuable assets you'll come away with."


Metro Boston is just one of IPNE's exciting new initiatives to expand our regional groups. We are actively seeking coordinators to adopt Metro Boston and our five other regional groups around New England (S. MA, VT, RI, CT, NH). No experience is necessary, just get a group of authors and/or publishers together and pick a regular place to get together (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly is typical).

As an IPNE member, you should also feel free to start one of your own in your own community - there’s no limit to the number of regional groups we can have! And regional group coordinators get free IPNE membership renewals for as long as you head up the group.

What will we talk about?

Since there are an abundance of writers’ groups in New England, our regional meeting topics tend to reflect IPNE’s focus on the publishing process. Topics can range from learning the basic steps involved in producing and presenting a quality book that will attract readers, to building an author platform, advertising a book on Facebook or Amazon, or effective book cover design. Or you can just get together and have a random chat about publishing!

"Members appreciate the connections they make and the information they receive," noted regional groups coordinator Charlotte Pierce. "Sometimes we hold the meeting at a book show, IPNE conference, or other event. Now the challenge is to attract group coordinators and maintain a regular schedule" which could be weekly, monthly, bimonthly, biannually, she added. “Consistency is the key.”

Who can attend?

The success of the Metro Boston branch, where 10-15 members meet on a monthly basis, tell us about the continued interest among authors and publishers in our communities in making and publishing books. It also demonstrates the opportunities we have to share our knowledge with others as we continue to expand our network and connect over this exhilarating adventure called book publishing.

Membership in IPNE regional branches is open to all, with extra benefits available to those who become IPNE members. From our end, IPNE can provide speakers, resource materials, meeting format and venue suggestions, and help you get the word out about your meeting via our website events listings, social media, and membership mailings. Groups often attach to an author event at a bookstore, which gives members the opportunity to network with booksellers. Remember to take photos and/or video clips - it’s a visual world!

Our November meetup will be at the IPNE Annual Conference!

About our regional branch coordinator: After nearly 40 years of publishing in Seattle, New York and as an independent publisher in Metro Boston, Charlotte’s approach to publishing (and life) is embodied in her Pierce Press motto: “Collaboration is the new competition.” With this precept, she works with authors to publish DayTripper Books (family activities & travel); Peeragogy Books (alternative education); and Gigglequick Books (children’s & young adult). Charlotte also offers publishing services and coordinates IPNE’s regional groups expansion program. Website: PiercePress.comContact her at or

* For continued use of the studio, a modest membership fee is required. 

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