IPNE 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog

  • 15 May 2017
  • http://www.ipne.org/event-2317934


  • Members are invited to contribute articles about the independent publishing process for inclusion in the Spring/Summer 2017 Catalog. All articles should be between 300-500 words, include a 50-word bio, a headshot or other photo or graphic, and are due by May 5.

    Article submission is open to Publisher, Board, Bookstore, & Vendor members & past event speakers. Topics can include publicity, social media, printing, editing, author platform, and more. Please don't submit an article identical to one that has been previously printed elsewhere. If you subsequently submit your IPNE catalog article elsewhere, please give credit to IPNE.org.

    Please register here and send your brief topic outline to catalog@ipne.org, using this exact subject: Catalog Article Proposal. You'll receive confirmation as soon as possible.

    Authors will receive byline credit, 10 free copies of the catalog for their own distribution, and a PDF of the catalog for additional printing.

    A display ad is not prerequisite to editorial inclusion; but it can enhance visibility in tandem with your article.
  • Your eighth-page ad will appear in the IPNE Fall Catalog. Book data and cover image must be current in your IPNE profile (IPNE.org/sys/profile).
  • Display Ad, Eighth Page: You provide camera-ready ad to size in high quality PDF format to drop in. This display ad is different from the members-only "Basic Book Listing."
  • Display Ad, Full Page: 7.5 x 10 inches. You provide camera-ready ad to size in high quality PDF format to drop in. For back cover, prices are double and first-come, first-served. For inside front and back covers, add 50%. All ads are in full color.
  • Display Ad, Half Page: 7.5 x 4". You supply camera ready ad to size in high-quality PDF format to drop in.
  • Display ad, 5.5x4.25". You provide camera-ready ad to size in high quality PDF or EPS format to drop in.
  • Please use this registration type to claim your FREE 1/4-page ad if you are a 2016 Conference Speaker or Book Award Winner. Space is limited. Quarter page = 3.5" x 4.5"

    PLEASE NOTE: If this option is not available, please email catalog@ipne.org for the registration code.

Registration is closed

IPNE 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog

*** IMPORTANT: All registration forms, profile updates, articles, and camera-ready advertising must be received at IPNE the week of 5/1/2017. ***

Please direct all catalog-related queries to: IPNE Catalog Team

The bi-annual IPNE Catalog is an effective, low-cost way to promote your books at the book-trade and consumer events that IPNE sponsors and attends throughout the year. IPNE distributes print and digital copies of each issue to the highly targeted audiences of booksellers, distributors, and readers at these events and in individual interactions throughout the year.

The 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog is scheduled for publication by May 15, 2017. This edition will be distributed at the summer and fall book events with inserts for the books individual members exhibit at each event. Volunteers are welcome to help process registrations, provide design services, and distribute the catalog.

  • BASIC BOOK LISTING $35 (publisher, vendor, bookstore members only): Full color, 1/8 page listing including book cover image, 350-character description, ISBN, and other basic bibliographic metadata. Please make sure all information is up-to-date and correctly formatted in your IPNE profile. Cover images should be emailed in both high and low-resolution.
  • DISPLAY ADS, starting at $45: For display ads of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full page, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions, after your registration and payment is received. Camera-ready ads must be submitted by April 30, and earlier is greatly appreciated. 
  • FREE DIRECTORY LISTING: All members, regardless of level, will be listed in our Directory in the catalog. Please make sure your information is correct and formatted as requested.
Dimensions for each ad size are listed below, and under each Registration Type.


For display ads, please provide camera-ready print-quality PDFs in the following sizes:

  • Full page = 7.25" x 9.75" or 8.5 x 11" plus bleeds
  • Half page = 7.25" x 4.5"
  • Quarter page = 3.5" x 4.5"
  • Eighth page = 3.5" x 2"

    Please send in camera-ready, print-quality PDFs in the proper size. Ads that do not meet print-quality specifications will be returned for revision. Our professional (volunteer) catalog producer thanks you for your cooperation!

    If you would like more information about cooperative and premiere-level event, awards, and conference sponsorship, please refer to our rate card or give us a call or email.

    NOTE: The 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Catalog is scheduled for publication by the end of October. Members who purchase a display ad in both editions of the catalog are eligible for a free membership extension (contact Membership Team for details if you qualify).

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