Build Your Author Platform and Launch a Stellar Book Marketing Campaign

Saturday 3:00 Room 1

Presenter: Jeniffer Thompson


Book Marketing isn’t just about selling books, it’s about building an audience of loyal readers. The key to any author’s success is being known. In this class, Jeniffer Thompson teaches you how to build your authority, design your personal style, and increase your online visibility so your readers become invested in You. She shares practical tools for creating a sustainable author brand that will guide the next five years of your publishing career and easy-to-implement steps to highlight your brand story and elevate your author career. Plus, she reveals the three pillars of book marketing success and shows you how to get started today.

Jeniffer Thompson

Debbie Burns

Jeniffer Thompson is a personal branding expert, digital marketing strategist, and publishing consultant. She is an author and speaker who delivers strategy-rich content and actionable tools that educate and empower authors. She co-founded Monkey C Media in 2004, an award-winning book cover and website design house. She is also a co-host of The Premise podcast, co-founder of the San Diego Writers Festival, and serves on the board of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association. Visit for author services, and subscribe to Jeniffer’s author marketing tips at

Twitter: @jeniffergrace
Instagram: @jeniffer_grace