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Finding Ideal Clients

Scott Channell

Do you wish to reroute perfect prospects, currently leaning toward competitors, to you?

Your rivals are seeking to dislodge your current best clients/customers and redirect your future ideal clients to themselves. If they are just a bit better at marketing than you are, they will be successful.

When your marketing efforts are not grabbing winnable clients, you lose far more than marketing money spent. When those clients that could have been yours went to a competitor, you lost out on revenue now, repeat business from them, the cross-selling opportunities, the referrals and word-of-mouth benefits. Plus, you lose the community presence and branding value, which builds with marketing that appeals to the best clients and customers.

This book provides just 7 steps to find more ideal clients.

Learn to make better marketing bets within the framework of the right marketing strategy. That creates a lollapalooza effect for you where multiple techniques layer and combine to strengthen each other.