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The Power of Poison

BJ Magnani

In this thrilling sequel to The Queen of All Poisons, Dr. Lily Robinson, driven by guilt over her daughter’s presumed death, returns with a mission to save the U.S. from a devastating missile attack.

Dr. Robinson is asked to assassinate a high-level Chinese missile scientist who is on course to sell his novel technology to the North Korean government. Unbeknownst to Lily, Grigory Markovic, a Russian Buy on Amazonterrorist Lily has encountered in the past, is also planning an arms deal with the North Koreans–warheads filled with deadly poison.

The Power of Poison is a tale of espionage, love, relationships, and loyalty, all meeting at the “intersection of obligation and conscience.” And whether it’s Boston, France, Seoul, or Hong Kong, as always, Dr. Lily Robinson is “dressed to kill.”