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Two Things You Can do Today to Sell More Books on Amazon

17 Jul 2015 4:33 PM | Charlotte Pierce (Administrator)

by Brian Jud, IPNE Board Member

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. The same can be said for selling an indie book on Amazon. If you’re looking for a quick way to generate more sales, here are two simple tweaks to consider:

Modify Your Keywords

Like Google, Amazon has a built-in algorithm that helps return relevant results when someone performs a search. You’re allowed seven keywords or keyword strings on Amazon. Make sure to include seven, filling the keyword section in your book listing. You’ll also use these in your description on your actual Amazon page. You can change your keywords often, so perform some tests to see which ones are working well. Without keyword stuffing, your primary keyword should appear two to five times for every one hundred words in your book description.

Swap Categories

As previously mentioned, you can easily revive your book listing by alerting Amazon’s algorithm that you’ve made a change. Another way to do this is moving your book into a different category or categories. Opt for one broad and then a smaller, niche category that is still relevant to the topic of your book. Choosing the right categories takes a bit of time. This list can help get you started. Don’t switch categories too often. Every few months is a good balance. Test a category to see how your book does in that niche and then move it, to see if it performs better in another category.

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