Amazon Ads For Authors:

A Counterintuitive Approach To Running Profitable

Amazon Ads For Your Books

Friday 2:00 Room 1

Presenter: Matt Holmes


Selling books is now, without question, pay to play. Amazon, the largest retailer in the world, has more than 12 million Kindle Titles available on its store, and that number is growing every single hour, of every single day.

Standing out in today’s crowded world of publishing not only takes a great book, but also, great (and strategic) advertising. If you want to reach more readers to sell more books, advertising is paramount to your success.

And Amazon Ads is one of the best ways to position your books in front of your ideal readers, on a platform where readers are looking to buy their next book.

In this informative talk, Matt will walk you through the ins and outs of Amazon Ads, how to know when you’re ready to launch your first Amazon Ads, how much to spend, how and why to pay attention to the big picture (not your Amazon Ads Dashboard) and his 80/20 Amazon Ads Strategy.

Matt Holmes

Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes is a book advertising specialist managing Amazon Ads for self-published authors, helping them bring their work into the world. Matt is also the author of The 7 Day Authors Guide To Amazon Ads, written under the pen name, Matthew J Holmes, that help authors take their first steps into Amazon Advertising.

On top of this, Matt writes a free daily-ish email, The Morning ACOS, sharing tips, strategies and case studies to help authors develop and hone their Amazon Ads skills, experience and confidence.

Matt lives in Shropshire, UK, with his wife, Lori, an author of fantasy novels, their three boys, Jacob, Caleb and Jonathan and not forgetting their 2 whippets, Freya and Loki – it’s a busy house!