The Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) organization has one simple goal: to help independent publishers build and grow their publishing and related businesses. We serve as a collaborative educational and trade association for small and mid-size independent book publishers and independent authors in the six New England states.

Who should join IPNE?

  • Publishers worldwide with books that have connections to, or markets in, New England.
  • Product and service vendors to the New England publishing community, including librarians and bookstores.
  • Students and unpublished authors interested in learning the publishing process.

Independent publishers and vendors join IPNE to participate in networking, education, problem-solving, cooperative marketing and book exhibits, industry events, and the sharing of best practices.


  • The Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE)  is an organization of professionals, authors, and companies who collaborate to help each other learn and succeed in the independent book publishing field. Active membership in IPNE is well over 200 members.
  • IPNE serves as an advocate for the regional independent publishing community, taking on specific advocacy projects if and when approved by the Board of Directors.
  • IPNE offers educational programs, networking, marketing opportunities, advocacy, and information about publishing. The organization is supported primarily by membership dues and other income substantially related to its purpose.
  • IPNE is not organized for profit or to engage in an activity ordinarily carried on for profit. No part of IPNE’s earnings are to benefit any individual or officer, other than as reimbursement for goods and services if approved by the Board of Directors.


Thanks to our new board members for their enthusiasm and dedication to helping IPNE members “Make better books and sell more of them!” We welcome board nominations, questions, and agenda items from members at talktous@ipne.org.

Scott Chanell-Author, publisher

Scott Channell 

Interim President

Scott has self-published four nonfiction books on sales and marketing topics to establish thought leadership and demonstrate expertise on sales and marketing topics.

He published his first book in 2004. He enjoys the art and science of positioning and marketing a nonfiction book to sell and generate business for services offered. Scott runs Finding Business LLC, ScottChannell.com, and FindingBusiness.com.


Charlotte R. Pierce - Pierce Press


Interim Vice-President

Charlotte has participated as an IPNE member since 2008, serving in most positions on the Board of Directors over the years, including President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Regional Groups manager. She coordinates the Metro Boston regional group for IPNE. Charlotte runs the independent publishing house Pierce Press and podcast production company Pierce Productions. Charlotte gives a free publishing or podcasting consult to IPNE and IBPA members.

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi - Editor and Book Coach

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi 

Book Awards Chair

Odile is a developmental editor, a line editor, and a book coach. She works with short- and long-form narrative nonfiction, with flash and short fiction, and increasingly with novels as well. She judges fiction and nonfiction works through several awards programs, and she has been an editorial reviewer of the same.

Odile currently coordinates and manages The Book Awards at IPNE, with the goal of raising awareness of and esteem for the program. Find her online at Palimpsest Editing.

Michael DeSanto - Bookstore Owner and Publisher

Michael DeSanto 

Michael DeSanto has owned bookstores in Vermont since 1995 and has published off and on since 1997. In addition to owning or partnering in Phoenix Books in Essex, Rutland, and Burlington, the Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, and The Bookstore in Brandon, he publishes POD as Onion River Press and with a traditional imprint as Maple Tree Editions. Onion River Press has recently added a partner to carry it towards wider distribution and to discover fine, unpublished Vermont writers. Recently, he has been busy helping to establish the new Green Mountain Book Festival in Burlington and to grow the Vermont Authors Project.

“I am honored to be offered membership on the board of directors for IPNE and I look forward to learning from and sharing with the diverse members of the group.” 

Michael DeSanto - Bookstore Owner and Publisher

Bj Magnani

BJ Magnani’s fascination with toxicology led her to a career in pathology and laboratory medicine. She is currently Professor of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Emerita at Tufts University School of Medicine and writes the Dr. Lily Robinson thriller series (The Queen of All Poisons, The Power of Poison, A Message in Poison) about a poison-savvy physician recruited by the US government as an assassin. You can learn more about Dr. Magnani and her work at Author | BJ Magnani.

Adopt A Board Member

Adopt A Board Member

Pick one of these fun, hard-working folks to shadow as time allows: you’ll help us expand member benefits and keep the ball rolling during vacations and absences. With your help, we’ll be able carry out more effective programming without burnout!

The goal of Adopt A Board Member is to have our shadow-ees eventually take a role on the Board or as a Project Team coordinator. We hope this will be a painless way of getting up to speed on IPNE programs and helping your own publishing while you help your colleagues in IPNE.

To adopt a Board member, email talktous@ipne.org.

Past Board Members & Staff

We are grateful to our past board
members for their service:

Isai Gutierrez, Ruby Fink, Jon Meyer,
Jack Rochester, Geoffrey Dutton,
David Shiang, Connelly Akstens,
Peg Roberts, Bill Cordaro, Michelle Burinskas, Ian Lamont, Jane English

And to our founding directors:

Tordis Isselhardt and Pamela Fenner

Special thanks to former VP Jon Meyer

Jon served IPNE with skill and insight, heading up our Pandemic Grants program and working on a revision of our bylaws and organizational structure. His book Love Poems From New England won twelve national and international awards, including Best Poetry winner for 2020/2021, Eric Hoffer finalist, International Independent Publisher Award (IPPY) finalist, International Next Generation Indie Award finalist, and Poetry 2021. Jon’s latest book, Clouds: love poems from above the Fray, came out in 2022. More information about Jon can be found on www.jonmeyerpoetry.com