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You're in demand! As volunteer on an IPNE PROJECT TEAM, not only will you access the inside scoop on publishing and feel the emotional endorphins from seeing IPNE thrive as a direct result of your efforts, but you will also be eligible for our new membership rewards program! 

CLICK HERE to volunteer for tasks small and large, onsite and off! 
Our collaborative Teams include Book Shows, Finance, Operations, Membership Development, Vendors, Special Projects, Regional Branches, and Annual Conference.  As a Project Team member, you'll unlock access to: 

congenial colleaguespotential collaboratorsinside track at events
amplified social postsbookstore shelves programcutting-edge resources
work-party wednesdaysspecial event discountssocial-media amplification 


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Chair: Mike Rochester, Board. This Team approves new memberships, welcomes new members, manages and plans membership promotions, and follows up on late renewals and lapsed memberships. JOIN this team!


Chair: Connelly Akstens, Board. This Team plans, promotes, and finds coordinators for IPNE's cooperative exhibits, including Bookstock, NEIBA, NELA, and the BBF. This year, we're exploring hybrid and on-line book events and exhibit options.  JOIN this team!


Chair: Mary Catherine Jones, Voice Over Vermont. This Team plans, promotes, and manages the Annual New England Publishing Conference (#IPNE16).   JOIN this team!


Produced by Pierce Press in collaboration with IPNE. Members receive priority booking as appropriate. JOIN this team!


Chair: Charlotte Pierce, Board. CJoin this Team to bring IPNE to your neighborhood! The Team initiates and coordinates IPNE regional branch requests. But we won't know you want a branch unless you speak up!  JOIN this team!


Chair: Michael Piekny, Board. This Team runs the annual Book Awards presented at the Conference. Tasks include setting up registration, processing submissions, managing judging, organizing publicity, ordering awards, designing the presentation. JOIN this team!


Chairs: Charlotte Pierce & Eddie Vincent, Board. See something on the website that needs correcting or improving? Have some web management skills to contribute? JOIN this team!


This Team focuses on day-to-day operations like website management, newsletter, printed materials, office work, logistics for events, and other administrative tasks. JOIN this team!


This Team deals wtih fees and event registration payments. Volunteers with specialized skills are welcome on this Team; contact Monica or JOIN this team!


This Team plans and coordinates educational programs, workshops. They also coordinate mentoring for newcomers and books that did not meet curation standards JOIN this team!
Learn more about publishing & build a better IPNE by getting involved in a collaborative Project Team!
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