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Nonfiction, large format, nautical, art, conservation, biography, autobiography

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A multi-award winning publisher, Seapoint Books + Media publishes nonfiction books on a variety of topics including, nautical, environmental, pop culture, art, and autobiography. Many of our titles are highly-designed, large format books. Seapoint Books is a member of PubWest, Independent Book Publishers Association, and Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. Spencer Smith has a keen interest in strategic planning and implementing those plans in a cooperative and inclusive environment.
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
The Winter Coast of Maine
Book #1 Subtitle
The Photographs of Ed Kenney
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
Ed Kenney
Book #1 Publisher
Seapoint Books
Book #1 ISBN
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Book #1 Description
“The Winter Coast of Maine” is the first fine art book dedicated to color photographs of Maine’s coastal landscape made exclusively during the coldest months - a time of year that most visitors and summer residents rarely get to see.
The Maine coast is a place of exquisite beauty at all times of year, but especially in winter. The topography of this region ranges from long sandy beaches in the south to tall granite headlands in the area known as “Down East.” Photographer and Maine resident Ed Kenney has spent the last decade compiling a portfolio of stunning images capturing the essence of a coast that is at times serene and still, and at other times ferocious, stormy, and bitterly cold.

A photographer for over a half century, Ed Kenney can barely recall a time when a camera was not close at hand. His skills were honed using a succession of film cameras that began with a Kodak Hawkeye and progressed over the years to an Arca Swiss 4x5. Although the view camera still sees occasional use, these days almost all capture is digital on high resolution sensors matched with the finest lenses.
Photographs from the book are available at maineboats.com/the-maine-i-love
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National Book Network
Book #1 Awards
The Winter Coast of Maine is featured in the December 2020 issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine along with a link to photos from the book.

Photographs from the book are available at maineboats.com/the-maine-i-love


Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Book #2 Subtitle
A Travel Memoir
Book #2 Author
Philip Hecksher
Book #2 Publication Year
Book #2 Publisher
Seapoint Books
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
Philip Heckscher was born in New York City in 1944 and grew up in the city and on a farm in the Finger Lakes. He spent vacations with his mother’s family in France and is bilingual in French and English. Philip holds a BA degree (1966) from Harvard University. He was a teacher in public and private schools in New York and San Francisco, and became head of the Department of History and Geography at Grace Church School in Manhattan. He has traveled, often solo, through Europe, East and West Africa, East and Southeast Asia, Haiti and Brazil. From 1996-98, he taught English in Shanghai, where he also studied tai-qi and Chinese calligraphy. Philip presently lives with his spouse on Mt Desert Island, Maine, where he occasionally teaches Chinese calligraphy at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.

Ghana, West Africa, 1971. The author arrives from New York City to meet an old friend for a spectacular rock concert, “Soul to Soul” in Accra’s Black Star Square. The social warmth, the good humor and the beauty of the people they meet is overwhelming, and the two friends soon find it again and again in Lomé, the capital of neighboring Togo; in the up-country villages of that tiny country, and in their far-flung travels through Nigeria and the cities of the Sahel: Kano, Mopti, Agadez, Djenné. Marvelous places are vividly described, and everywhere in this memoir there is a glad recognition of the deep humanity of African culture.
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Book #3 Cover Image
Book #3 Title
For the Love of Sailing
Book #3 Subtitle
Steve and Doris Colgate and the Offshore Sailing School The Inside Story
Book #3 Publication Year
Book #3 Author
Herb McCormick
Book #3 Publisher
Book #3 ISBN-13
Book #3 Cover Price
Book #3 Description
In the realms of both the marine industry and competitive sailboat racing at its highest levels,
few if any couples have matched the accomplishments of Steve and Doris Colgate, the longtime proprietors of the world-renowned Offshore Sailing School: With more than 150,000 graduates, no one has taught more willing novices how to sail than Offshore. A scion of the Colgate family of Colgate-Palmolive fame, and the daughter of a famed, award-winning scientist, respectively, at first glance the Colgates seemed an unlikely match.The founder of the National Women’s Sailing
Association, among other yachting-industry initiatives, on countless fronts Doris was a pioneer in a world usually dominated by men. Their shared tale is fascinating on several levels: as an insider’s take on yacht racing at its top ranks; as a case study in a remarkably unique and
successful business; and, finally, as a good old-fashioned love story.
Herb McCormick is Executive Editor of Cruising World magazine and author if numerous books including "As Long As It's Fun" the biography of Lyn and Larry Pardey
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