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Our mission at Brilliant Light Publishing is to promote the work of poets and writers from the New England community who illuminate the inner and outer states of our natural and cultural environment.


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Love Poems From Vermont
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reeflections on an inner and outer state
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jon meyer
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Brilliant Light Publishing, L3C
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This book serves as a treasure map to find the visual and poetic delights that give Vermont its reputation as a haven for the soul. Like the intensity of fresh love where the lover thinks of the beloved night and day, Jon Meyer’s Love Poems From Vermont: Reflections On An Inner And Outer State will last long after you put it down and prompt you to pick it up again.
This stunning book contains 66 poignant poems, each imbedded in a photo image of a beautiful place in Vermont. The poems came first, then over the last 16 years author Jon Meyer searched for the right photo image of Vermont for each poem.
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