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fiction: thrillers, crime; nonfiction: technology & society; Politics

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Perfidy Press, in partnership with Gatekeeper Press, is a boutique publisher dedicated to upsetting corporate and political apple carts. Our ominous name notwithstanding, we are not deceitful, unfaithful, untrustworthy, treacherous, or any such synonym. Rather, we are all about exposing endemic perfidy in political economy, technology, and news media, telling you inconvenient truths you need to know to function as a citizen. Our first offering will be a literary thriller, to followed by works of both adult fiction and nonfiction. We are excited to be joining the IPNE community.
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Turkey Shoot
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He might not be the terrorist you expected
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Geoffrey Dutton
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Perfidy Press
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Turkey Shoot is set in Greece and Turkey in the fall of 2015. It follows the revolutionary path of Mahmoud Al Ramadi, a war-orphaned 23-year-old ex-college student from Mosul to Syria to Turkey to Piraeus, Greece. He’s been tapped to take part in a conspiracy to decimate elites at the G-20 summit in Turkey, a plot he only learns of when he meets his new comrades. The devout Iraqi embraces the fraught mission as his jihad, only to have it crumble when police detain the group’s leader. As they squabble about what to do next, Katrina, a winsome Swiss anarchist latches onto him, steals his heart, and injects herself into their conspiracy, updated to target an autocrat across the Aegean. Pulling this off will take the dark arts of a chemist and a hacker, a live test of Mahmoud’s homemade weapon, and avoiding handcuffs before setting off to fell their elusive target. Mahmoud’s thousand-mile odyssey tests his metal, his wits, and his beliefs. All that he experiences edits his articles of faith and just might edit some of yours.
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Gatekeeper Press
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Independent Publishers of New England "Courage in Fiction" Award 2019
Tallahassee Writers Society Novel Excerpt Anthology 2018
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