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fiction; metaphysical; young adult

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We are a niche press dedicated to fiction and non-fiction on the theme of vampires. Founded in 2006, we release titles in multiple print, ebook and audiobook formats.
Since September 2019, we have produced and published the online weekly newspaper The Winchendon Courier, which is uploaded every Thursday. winchendoncourier.net
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
All the Shadows of the Rainbow
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
Inanna Arthen
Book #1 Publisher
By Light Unseen Media
Book #1 ISBN
Book #1 cover price
Book #1 Description
In spring of 1955, magic-worker and new vampire Diana Chilton returns to civilization from the Maine woods. Reconnecting with people and places from her old life for the first time, she travels to Boston for the spring Beltene rites and encounters an old friend, Jack Garrett. Jack is the only magician Diana meets who recognizes her as a vampire. He suggests that the two of them pursue the dream that had originally drawn her to Maine: creating a magical group that will manipulate people and events to catalyze social change. Not until the group breaks up after a devastating reality check in 1963 does Diana finally succeed in finding another vampire, Troy Stevenson, who is helping a new commune of organic farmers get established in a rambling farmhouse in Sheridan, Massachusetts. Diana loves the commune--and Troy--but the work she did with Jack is far from finished.


Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Blood on the Bayou
Book #2 Author
David Burton
Book #2 Publication Year
Book #2 Publisher
By Light Unseen Media
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
Newly awakened witch Teresa Diaz and her vampire friends Justine Croft and Simone Gireaux had run out of leads in their search for Teresa's abducted teenage daughter, Antonia. Their hope is rekindled by an unexpected message: two other teenage girls, victims of a vampire-family sex trafficking ring, have escaped a murder attempt in New Orleans and disappeared. One of them might have information that could help Teresa, Justine and Simone find Antonia.

The three friends hit the road for The Big Easy and are immediately catapulted into a complicated war between rival vampire families, their business associates and their adversaries--all of whom also want to find the missing girls. As Teresa, still mastering her magical powers, fights alongside Justine and Simone against vampires, sorcerers and corrupt law enforcement, enemies from the past are pursuing them all. Meanwhile, Antonia's captor, an ancient vampire named Rubicon, is using the girl for an experiment whose outcome could have world-ending implications for mortals.

From the Katrina-scarred streets of New Orleans to the most inaccessible depths of Louisiana swampland, the three women pursue tenuous clues as lethal mercenaries human and supernatural follow close behind. Will they learn where Antonia is held? Or will treachery and the frailty of human life take them to a dead end?

Picking up the storyline from Blood Justice and Blood on the Water, Blood on the Bayou continues award-winning author David Burton's exciting saga of love, loss and vengeance.


Book #3 Cover Image
Book #3 Publication Year


Book #4 Cover Image
Book #4 Title
The Longer the Fall
Book #4 Publication Year
Book #4 Author
Inanna Arthen
Book #4 Publisher
By Light Unseen Media
Book #4 ISBN-13
Book #4 Cover Price
Book #4 Description
In 1952, Diana Chilton, raised within a secret magical organization, the Order of the Silver Light, leaves Boston for a tiny town in Maine. There she tracks down Thomas Morgan, a member of the Order who may be immortal. She hopes he can help her find an organization that will use magic to catalyze social and political change.
Thomas Morgan is immortal, but Diana never expected that he would also be a vampire, transformed by the faery folk two centuries earlier. Now he enlists Diana to assist him in his struggle against the power that he feels enslaves him. Together, Thomas and Diana dedicate themselves to the most ambitious and dangerous magical working either of them has ever attempted.
Both Thomas and Diana have hidden motives behind their decision. Their refusal to be fully honest with themselves and each other leads to a disaster beyond their worst nightmares. Ultimately, they learn that the only way to get what they each wanted is to accept the very things they most feared.

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