Ingram Spark Becomes Platinum Sponsor for 2021 Independent Publishing Conference

We announce with great excitement that new IngramSpark president Paige Allen will keynote our Nov. 5-6 Conference, and IngramContent has become our lead, or Platinum, sponsor.

CLICK HERE to join our pre-conference interview with Paige Allen on 10/11, at 4:30 PM. Jump on the livestream to ask Ms Allen questions and share your publishing experiences!

Ms. Allen will keynote and will also participate in two breakout sessions at the (virtual) conference, along with Cevin Breyerman of Publishers Weekly and indie book guru Jane Friedman. The second session will be a moderated panel with Q&A on how smaller publishers can make the Ingram platform work for them

The majority of our members have published through Ingram, so be thinking about what you'd like to ask Paige Allen & the other experts from the company, or tell them about your experience on their print-on-demand platform. 

Additional sponsorship levels are still available, though subscriptions are limited. Learn more about the conference and visit the registration link here.

- by IPNE Conference Committee: Chair Mary Catherine Jones,
president Eddie Vincent & board member Charlotte Pierce

Freshly Minted Member Benefits!

Hi, I'm Mike Rochester, board member and IPNE Membership Team chair. This past year has been a challenge and adjustment for everyone, and IPNE is no different. Still, we’ve been able to continue to provide many of our services to members and will be expanding offerings this year. 

Here’s a (growing) list of the benefits you can expect from IPNE in 2021:
  • 10% discounts on printing and up to 15% discounts on other services from Books International (IBI) 
  • 10% discounts on select NetGalley services;
  • Discounts on IBPA and APSS memberships;
  • Virtual networking and webinars including monthly regional Zoom meetups and Ask the President drop-ins;
  • Unlimited access to our Members Page on Facebook to get advice, ask questions and network with our experienced member corps;
  • Your own member profile page on our website, highlighting your work and services;
  • Free access to the Annual IPNE Conference, held virtually last year and again this year;
  • Discounted entries for the Annual IPNE Book Awards for recently published authors from anywhere;
  • Access to book fairs and expos (when they resume in-person events);
  • Guest-blogger authorship privileges on the website;
  • Discounts and production services from many of our established member publishers;
  • and…stay tuned for more!

Thanks to board member Jon Meyer, president Eddie Vincent, and our team who worked so hard to secure these benefits for y'all!

If you are interested in learning more about how IPNE can help you accomplish your publishing goals, please feel free to contact our membership team. You can renew your membership here

Mike Rochester
Membership Team Chair
Board of Directors, IPNE

Join or Coordinate Your Own IPNE
Regional Group!

Among IPNE's more popular initiatives are the local groups that are forming across the region. Groups active this year include Maine, Vermont, and Metro Boston Publishers. Southeast Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are in need of coordinators, but discussion groups have been set up and these groups have a core membership. Contact Board member Charlotte Pierce for more information.

Thanks to Meditative Gardner and 2019 Book of the Year winner Cheryl Wilfong and HeartWood Press publisher Lynn Levine for organizing this year's thriving Vermont Regional Group! Click here to join the Vermont regional discussion group.

Membership in IPNE regional branches is open to all, with extra benefits available to those who become IPNE members. Use the IPNE contact form for help starting a branch in your area, and watch our events page for existing regional group meetings.

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