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IPNE has several events planned throughout the year, including IPNE’s Annual Conference in November.

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Where indies collaborate to make better books and sell more of them!

Save the Date: IPNE’s 11th Annual Conference is
Nov. 18–19, 2022

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Are you planning on writing a book, in the process of writing one, or just curious about how to go from a manuscript to finished work?

Whether you publish traditionally or on your own, you’ll likely be in charge of things like your own publicity and marketing, or and you’ll need to know about book design, metadata, ISBNs, and book launches. The two days of sessions on the publishing process will be capped by our Annual Book Awards.

At the 11th Annual IPNE Publishers & Writers Conference, we’re bringing in speakers who’ve “been there, done that,” speakers who’re eager to share their expertise to help you flatten your learning curve.

Topics and speakers are pretty well set for 2022, but things can change, and we always welcome ideas for next year, so:

  • If you’d like to suggest a topic, please fill out this form.
  • If you’d like to volunteer to speak or want to recommend someone, please fill out this form. 

Our experts will present on topics such as:

  • Publishing with the help of IngramSpark
  • Book promotion including BookTok and book trailers
  • Book and cover design
  • Building and serving your mailing list
  • Using Kickstarter to fund your book
  • Getting book reviews
  • How to avoid predatory “hybrid” publishers
  • Using KDP and following Amazon best practices
  • Copyright, public domain, and other legal topics
  • And much more!

Make Better Books & Sell More of Them” is the theme of the 2022 conference, coming to you via Zoom  on Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19. The fee is affordable, and you don’t need to be a publisher, a published author, or even a New Englander to join the virtual crowd.

The Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) is excited to announce the dates and give some info on this year’s conference. We’ll be having all our events on Zoom starting Friday afternoon, November 18th, and continuing Saturday morning through the evening, culminating with the 9th Annual IPNE Book Awards.


Independent Publishers of New England helps independent publishers build and grow their publishing and related businesses. We invite you to support the Board Team as we all collaborate to “make better books and sell more of them.”

We’re pleased to have a great group of talented and experienced members on the IPNE Board of Directors who are eager to serve the organization.

On our BOD page, you’ll find the profiles for your IPNE 2022-2023 board members: Edddie Vincent (persident), Charlotte Pierce (vice-president), Michael DeSanto, Mike Rochester, Isai Gutierrez and Odile Sullivan-Tarazi.

Jon Meyer, Spencer Smith, and Ruby Fink leave the board, with our deep gratitude for their service in 2020-2022.

Nominations are open for 2023-2024 board positions, and there remain a variety of roles for volunteers in communications, web management, membership development, regional groups, and volunteer coordination.

We invite you to join one of the IPNE Project Teams to assist the Board in 2022 or to nominate a candidate for our next election at the end of this year.

IPNE Exhibition Curation Guidelines

IPNE exhibits at the major book shows are curated. By this process, our intent is to raise the overall quality of books that readers and industry professionals can discover through the public face of IPNE. 



IPNE Book Awards 2021 was the 8th year we’ve held the event. Check out the 2021 winners, in a wide range of genres.



IPNE Book Awards 2020 was the 7th year we’ve held the event. Check out the 2020 winners, in a wide range of genres.



IPNE Book Awards 2019 was the 6th year we’ve held the event. Check out the 2019 winners, in a wide range of genres.



IPNE Book Awards 2018 was the 5th year we’ve held the event. Check out the 2018 winners, in a wide range of genres.


Start Up Your Own IPNE
Regional Group!

Among IPNE’s most promising initiatives are the local groups that are forming across the region. Groups active this year include Maine, Vermont, and Metro Boston Publishers. Southeast Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are in need of coordinators, but groups have been set up and these groups have a core membership.

Membership in IPNE regional branches is open to all, with extra benefits available to those who become IPNE members. Use the IPNE contact form for help starting a branch in your area, and watch our events page for regional group meeting announcements.

What does a regional group coordinator do?

Dive in, it’s easy! Simply set up regular meeting spot, invite some author/publisher friends, pick a topic or speaker (or not), and presto! You have a regional group!

As a coordinator, you’ll get a free IPNE membership or renewal after a year and/or 4 meetings (online recommended during the pandemic), and other perks. IPNE can set up a Zoom or Streamyard session for you if you wish, and we will post your meetups on this website in our Events page so people can RSVP.

Thanks to regional group coordinators Lynn Levine of  HeartWood Press (VT) and Shirley Skyers-Thomas of Indulgent Insights (CT); and to Mike Rochester & Charlotte Pierce for keeping the Metro Boston Publishers regional group bubbling along!

Jane Friedman Speaking at the Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) Conference

About 100 authors and publishers attended the Jan. 13, 2022 webinar with “Hot Sheet” publisher and book marketing expert Jane Friedman on 1/13, 12-2 pm ET.

Friedman’s “Book Marketing Cornerstones” provided practical, actionable information for boosting book sales and building author platforms.

Look for webinar reactions and takeaways on our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

Bookmark our “Events” page to check for for regular webinars and workshops on practical aspects of book marketing and book production; or join the organization to receive announcements.

Independent Publishers of New England Conference Team

Committee Chair: Mary Catherine Jones; President Eddie Vincent; Vice-President Charlotte Pierce, and Board Member Mike Rochester


We are grateful for sponsors like Voice Over VermontPierce PressEncircle Publicationsand The Fictional Cafe. These sponsorships allowed us to keep this year’s Conference affordable. Please show your appreciation by using their products and services, and contact the Conference Team if you’d like to become a sponsor for this year’s Conference!