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A Holiday Greeting from

Jack B. Rochester, Board Member

As we enter the 2019 holiday season, each of us can take heart in our personal creative accomplishments and those we shared together in the passing year. We at IPNE applaud all you’ve done, not only for your own writing and publishing, but for what you freely and generously gave to this organization. We did a lot of good things together in 2019, and all of us here at IPNE look forward to doing even more with you in 2020.


Last-Wednesday-of-the-Month IPNE Call Cancelled Due to the Holidays.

Please have a good holiday break! 


Congratulations to IPNE's 6th Annual
New England Book Awards
Winners and Finalists!


        Cheryl Wilfong, Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness:

Surrendering to Life (Heart Path Press)


Who are the Winners of the
2018 IPNE Book Awards?

Winners and finalists (plus the IPNE Book of the Year) were presented with their award certificates at the IPNE 5th Annual Book Awards Ceremony, on November 17, 2018.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the volunteers, judges, panelists for bringing the book awards and the publishing workshops to fruition!

(Click below to find out all the Book Award winners!)

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IPNE Hosts Regular Boston-area Meetups on Book Publishing

Among IPNE's most exciting programs are our regional group meetings. IPNE regional branch manager Charlotte Pierce coordinates the Metro Boston Publishers group and is actively seeking coordinators to adopt our five other groups around New England. 

  • On October 8, Metro Boston meets at the ACMI.tv studio in Arlington for an intro to media production and podcasting. Our November meetup will be at the IPNE Annual Conference in Marlboro, MA.

Regional group topics focus more on book production than on writing techniques. Topics might include cover and interior design, Facebook & Amazon advertising, cooperative marketing, podcasting, subcontracting for editors, designers, and illustrators, legal issues, and author platform building. "The meetings have been very popular," Charlotte said. "Sometimes we merge the meeting at a book launch or signing, IPNE conference, or other event."

The success of the Boston branch tells us there is a great interest out there in making and publishing high-quality books. Members also learn the value of sharing our knowledge and learning from others as we  connect over this exhilarating adventure of writing and publishing. Contact us to start one in your own community - no experience necessary! 

Membership in IPNE regional branches is open to all, with extra benefits available to those who become IPNE members. Use the IPNE contact form to for help starting a branch in your area, and watch our events page for existing regional group meetings.

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