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Why the subscription box craze is good for business...

28 Jul 2016 4:07 PM | Deleted user

     E-commerce is changing the way we shop.  And nowhere is this more evident than the subscription box craze.  With minimal effort, one can find a subscription box service for any niche market.  Dog moms, doomsday preppers, chocolate fiends, expectant mothers, teachers, artists, motorcycle enthusiasts, crafters, sailers, and… book lovers.  Each month, fans of every genre pay to have beautifully wrapped, book-themed boxes delivered to their front doors.  And the subscriber base is growing every single month.

     As these companies strive to fill their boxes with fresh writing and rare book-themed gifts, indie publishers find themselves with a unique opportunity: a direct line to an already existing genre-loyal market base.  By partnering with subscription box companies like Uppercase, the Dark Book Club, and Owl Crate, indie publishers can expand their reach with minimal costs.  These companies pride themselves (and sometimes stake their reputations on) their ability to discover new goods and talents.  Most of them welcome unsolicited pitches.

     To increase your odds of forming a successful partnership, create a pitch that offers something special.  Offer signed or limited edition copies, or consider throwing in bookish extras like author notes, bookmarks, or free ebook downloads.  Or even create a box of your own.  

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