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Five business lessons from The Rolling Stones

10 May 2016 9:08 AM | Deleted user

From the Wall Street Journal article, May 8 2016, page C3

  1. Choose the right name. Brian Keith changed the name of the group from Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys to The Rolling Stones.
  2. Know what the market wants. The Beatles had staked out the “lovable, non-threatening boys next store” niche, so the Stones became their opposite.
  3. Borrow something if it works. The Stones recorded a song based on the gospel song, “This May Be the Last Time.”
  4. Cut the anchor before it drags you down. Mick and Keith fired Brian Jones when his drug/alcohol problem affected performances.
  5. Never stop reinventing. The Stones have gone through at least five stylistic iterations.


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