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Tips on writing from Evelyn Waugh

04 May 2016 8:40 AM | Deleted user
Interesting article in today's "Wall Street Journal" (May 4, page 13), by Evelyn Waugh. Here is part of it:  “Never send off any piece of writing the moment it is finished. Take on something else. Go back to it a month later and reread it. Examine each sentence and ask, ‘Does this say precisely what I meant? Is it capable of misunderstanding? Have I used a cliché where I could have invented a new and therefore asserting and memorable form? Have I repeated myself and wobbled around the point when I could have fixed the whole thing in six rightly chosen words? Am I using words in their basic meaning or in a loose plebian way?’ … The English language is incomparably rich and can convey every thought accurately and elegantly. The better the writing the less abstruse it is.”

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