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Owned and operated by Dawn & Steven Porter, Stillwater River Publications helps new and emerging writers get published. Steven R. Porter, independently-published author of the critically acclaimed debut novel, Confessions of the Meek and the Valiant and Manisses, is a writer, marketing consultant and former Director of Advertising and Public Relations for Lauriat's Bookstores, Inc. Steven is also a frequent speaker and lecturer on Internet technologies and emerging publishing techniques. In September 2011, he founded the Association of Rhode Island Authors www.RIAuthors.org and served as its first president. He is also an author member of the New England Independent Booksellers Association (NEIBA) and Rhode Island Romance Writers (RIRW). He and his wife Dawn are active volunteers in their local community and reside in the village of Harmony, Rhode Island with their two children Thomas and Susannah.
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
Scared to Death... Do It Anyway
Book #1 Subtitle
One Man's Journey From Debilitating Fear to Happiness, Wealth & Success
Book #1 Author
Brian Beneduce
Book #1 Publisher
Stillwater River Publications
Book #1 ISBN
Book #1 cover price
Book #1 Description
Brian Beneduce has always known there was something wrong with him -- very wrong. Even at a young age when his friends were enjoying activities as harmless as sleepovers, he would hyperventilate, sweat and tremble at the mere thought. He never told a soul. As he got older his condition worsened. Open spaces, crowds, bridges, tunnels, elevators, planes and traffic all sent him into spells of debilitating fear and panic, but never more than when he would be trapped somewhere alone with his own thoughts, and would be convinced that "The Thing," as he named it, would someday kill him. Yet somehow, perhaps for the sake of his wife, children, or his business he vowed that he would find the willpower he needed to beat it -- or would die trying.

Scared to Death.... Do It Anyway is one man's inspirational and tumultuous journey told through the thoughts, feelings and secrets of an acute agoraphobic. It not only chronicles three decades of severe panic and anxiety attacks, but it also reveals the healing thought process of self-realization that helped him defeat "The Thing," build a multi-million dollar business, and discover a life of true happiness.
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Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Book #2 Author
Steven R. Porter
Book #2 Publisher
Stillwater River Publications
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
Attracted by the heavenly vistas, cool summer breezes, and affable residents, professional spiritual channelers Clement and Jessica Bradford relocate their family to the coastal island of Manisses to raise their two eccentric daughters in a storybook New England atmosphere -- and talk to the dead. But a foolish mistake from their past haunts them, and when a local girl goes missing, it takes the whole family, including a peculiar doll named Otto, to stop history from repeating itself. Manisses is a rollicking adventure told through a thousand years of history, where you'll meet a brave native maiden, a demure pirate, Prohibition rum-runners, a vengeful witch and many others -- all connected through time by an inconspicuous pile of rocks
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