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Julie Garnett has been an award winning singer/songwriter/ performer of Children's music for over 20 years. She is now,a Musical Author. She also has children's music videos airing on Rhode Island PBS. Her book, Animal Songs, is the first-of-its kind musical book, by a "live" recording artist, that is digital, and download free....just push the buttons! She performs her free, 25 - minute, musical interactive and literacy presentation at Libraries, Stores and Events, (her "Book Sing'n Signing"), before her signings, to promote Animal Songs.
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Animal Songs
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Julie Garnett
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Peter E. Randall Publisher
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Animal Songs is the first-of-its kind musical book, by a "live" recording artist and her one, original song, that is digital, and download free...just push the correlating buttons!
It contains many STEAM attributes (counting, reading, and singing,) and engages young children on many levels. The illustrations (by Annabelle Grace Cook), are colorful, whimsical, and each animal tells its own story, so even the youngest child can follow along. It is hosted by the first 2 members of Julie's "Note Family", Do and Re. The music is Jazz/Swing style, and entertains young children, as well as adults!
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Julie Garnett Musical Books
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