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Sailor Take Warning
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A novel of suspense
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Richard Bolt
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Encircle Publications, LLC
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Professor Bill Rundle of MIT’s Cognitive Computing Laboratory discovers the body of graduate assistant Justin Marsh floating in the Charles River. Accident? Suicide? That the corpse is missing an eye suggests something much more sinister.
But now, somehow and from somewhere, a computer belonging to Justin has come to life to send Bill a posthumous email. Attached are over six thousand lines of what looks like jumbled code—or is it?
Helped by a colleague, Rundle learns it’s a program that could pilot an America’s Cup racing yacht. Under suspicion himself for Justin’s murder, and despite multiple threats, Rundle sets out to uncover the real killer, and to find out why those six thousand lines of seeming gibberish may have cost Justin his life. Suspects each linked to an America’s Cup challenge team include a Russian Mafioso, an aggressive Japanese millionaire, a Boston-based entrepreneur, even the head of Rundle’s own lab. When another colleague is found killed, Rundle deciphers a complex clue that leads him to a deadly climactic encounter.
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