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The Lamoille Stories
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Bill Schubart
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Magic Hill Press
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I grew up in a small town in Lamoille County in Northern Vermont. In our largely French Canadian family, I heard countless stories. TV came late to our home so family and community entertainments often took the form of well-told stories. The characters, eccentrics and misadventures that made up these stories have always lived in me. Stories are a uniquely human aspect of humankind. We are defined by our stories, and so as a writer I felt obliged not only to retell them to my children and grandchildren but to write them down.
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Fat People
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Bill Schubart
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Magic Hill Press
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I am one. In my adult life, I’ve weighed between 240 lbs and 490 lbs. The publishing trade is bulging with remainders about how to lose weight. The diet industry is a $60B a year business with a 94% failure rate. Even hard drug and alcohol recoveries fare better. Yet little is written about how it feels to eat compulsively or what it’s like to be fat – the place where food is at once a pleasure, friend, and virulent enemy. Medical and psychological professionals opine intellectually and scientifically about the disorder, but rarely ask the fat person how they feel, how feelings trigger their addictive behavior? Fat People is simply this fat person’s effort to instill understanding and perhaps empathy for those who struggle constantly with food.
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Bill Schubart
Book #3 Publisher
Magic Hill Press
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Panhead is a glossary of this author’s innate fears … a fear of motorcycles, which I have always ridden; of chainsaws, which I have used since I was fifteen; of being immobilized, which I have been, of academic failure, which I have experienced; of bottomless bodies of water in which I have swum; of initial sexual contacts, which have turned into love in some cases; and of surviving in a life no longer worth living. Somehow, the expression of these fears allays them. Is this not the great value of writing?

A brother and sister coming-of-age story on a hill farm in Northern VT that places the ultimate demand on sibling love. Both leave and return home, deeply changed by their journeys.
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