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LJ Cohen is a novelist, poet, blogger, ceramics artist, & relentless optimist. After 25 years as a physical therapist, LJ now uses her clinical knowledge and skills to injure characters in her SF&F novels. In addition to her work as a writer, she has created a publishing imprint, Interrobang Books. She lives outside of Boston with her family. The 5th book in her Halcyone Space series, A STAR IN THE VOID, was published June of 2018. LJ is active in SFWA and Broad Universe.
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
Book #1 Subtitle
Halcyone Space, book 1
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
LJ Cohen
Book #1 Publisher
Interrobang Books
Book #1 ISBN
Book #1 cover price
4.99 (ebook) $11.99 (print)
Book #1 Description
When Rosalen Maldonado tinkers with the derelict freighter, she's just hoping to prove she deserves a scholarship to University. She certainly doesn't count on waking the ship's damaged AI or having three stowaways, Micah Rotherwood and brothers Jem and Barre Durbin, along for the ride. They all have their private reasons for hiding aboard and lives they are seeking to escape, but if the accidental crew can't work together and learn to trust each other, they'll die together, victims of a computer that doesn't realize the war ended decades before any of them were even born.

A Science Fiction novel for adults and YA audiences.

Book 2 (ITHAKA RISING) and Book 3 (DREADNOUGHT AND SHUTTLE) are available now.
Book #1 Distributors
Amazon, Create Space
Book #1 Awards
DERELICT, Book 1 of Halcyone Space was chosen as a Library Journal Self-e Select title and book of the year.


Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
The Between
Book #2 Subtitle
Changeling's Choice, book 2
Book #2 Author
LJ Cohen
Book #2 Publication Year
Book #2 Publisher
Interrobang Books
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
4.99 (ebook) $8.95 (print)
Book #2 Description
This is not Shakespeare's Oberon and Titania. And Lydia has no desire to be their chosen one. Welcome to the subtle war between overt and covert magic, where every choice has consequences. THE BETWEEN, Changeling's Choice book 1: a modern take on the myths of Faerie.

High school senior, Lydia Hawthorne, is less than grateful when Oberon has her snatched from the mortal world and she finds out she's actually Fae. And not just any Fae, but a trueborn with enough inherent magic to tip the balance between Oberon and Titania's warring Bright and Shadow courts.

But that's their game and she doesn't want to play by their rules. Together with Clive Barrow, a Bright Court Fae with embarrassing family ties to the mortal world, Lydia fights to regain her old life, fueling her magic with the very human power of love and loss, challenging the essential nature of Faerie itself.

A YA fantasy.

THE BETWEEN is book 1 of the Changeling's Choice series. Lydia's story continues in TIME AND TITHE, also available.
Book #2 Distributors
Amazon, BN, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay, CreateSpace


Book #3 Cover Image
Book #3 Title
Future Tense
Book #3 Publication Year
Book #3 Author
LJ Cohen
Book #3 Publisher
Interrobang Books
Book #3 ISBN-13
Book #3 Cover Price
4.99 (ebook) $8.95 (print)
Book #3 Description
In the ten years since his parents died in a fire he predicted but couldn't prevent, seventeen year old Matt is trying to stay out of trouble, biding his time until he graduates and ages out of foster care. All he wants is for the world to leave him alone so he won't be tortured by seeing someone's future he's powerless to change anyway. But his plans for keeping himself aloof fail when he interrupts a vicious attack on Amara, a girl he recognizes from school. Despite his best attempts to push her away, he can't ignore the connection they've formed. That's when glimpses of Amara's dangerous future start to invade the present — a future he fears is his fault. Now Matt has something to lose again . . . and something to fight for.

A YA urban/contemporary fantasy
Book #3 Distributors
Amazon, BN, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay, CreateSpace
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