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Gail Thorell Schilling, feature writer, memoirist, and teacher began writing for Rocky Mountain newspapers in 1988 and earned several awards from the Wyoming Press Association. She has contributed to Daily Guideposts for more than 20 years. Her freelance writing has appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe and regional New Hampshire magazines. Gail has taught writing at several community colleges and helped refugees write their stories. She was awarded a fellowship by the Jentel Artist Community to work on this book and continues to mentor memoirists of a certain age. Gail lives in Concord, NH.
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Do Not Go Gentle. Go to Paris
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Travels of an Uncertain Woman of a Certain Age
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Gail Thorell Schilling
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Kindle Direct
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Rattled by fears that she is losing not just keys, but her job, looks, even a sweetheart, Gail rashly announces that she will go alone to Paris, a dream postponed for 40 years. So begins the journey through France of an optimistic, infinitely curious, 62-year-old woman, who seeks to ransom her self-confidence and learn how to age.
Deftly weaving scenic description with sketches of feisty Frenchwomen and flashbacks of older women she has admired, Gail draws wisdom from people and places that have gracefully endured the passing years. By the time she reaches the Mediterranean village that once existed only on her calendar, she feels revitalized. Her refreshed self-concept takes a hit, however, when her beloved betrays her and a train strike maroons her on the edge of the sea. By the end of her journey, Gail recognizes the joie de vivre beneath the wrinkles of bygone beauty in French women. Now she awakens to her own joy of living and finds it has no expiration date.
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Amazon; self
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