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Join IPNE Talk: Tap into the Expertise of Fellow IPNE Members!

14 Feb 2017 9:57 PM | Deleted user

Do you sometimes have publishing-related questions that you want to talk to a colleague about? Why not tap into the broad expertise of your fellow IPNE members? And maybe make a few connections along the way!

What is IPNE Talk?

We are starting a new email group called IPNE Talk, designed for members just like you. If you join the list, you can send a note to ask (or answer) questions related to the world of book making and publishing or engage in some shop talk.

It's not a group for promoting your own books or business nor for marketing posts and we'll police that so that the email group remains helpful and a positive experience. 

But an occasional post about an upcoming event might be okay (especially if you are otherwise an active contributor to the email group) and you might ask members for an opinion about two different book cover designs or maybe you want to ask about an issue that's come up while you are using a POD printer or perhaps whether a particular software or tool is helpful for the publishing task you had in mind. Well, you sort of get it. Questions you might ask a fellow publisher or publishing creative if you could meet her for tea or biscuits.

More than being a resource, it could be a great opportunity for IPNE members to engage and connect with one another. But it'll only really work well if you join and you ask other IPNE members you know to join as well!

Can anyone join?

Any IPNE member, whether publisher, vendor, librarian, student, illustrator or other, can join. It doesn't matter what category of membership you have. And while there is no direct marketing of your business as part of the posts, vendors are especially encouraged to participate. You have expert knowledge publishers and other IPNE members are looking for and participating will help you connect with the membership.

Why should I join?

To tap into the expertise of other IPNE members, to help other IPNE members with issues you know about and to connect with other publishing creatives who do what you do.

How do I join?

1. Go to this link: IPNETalk

2. Enter your email to subscribe.

3. Wait for a email from Google Groups and click on the link on the email to confirm that you indeed want to join IPNETalk.

4. We'll double check your email against the membership list and then approve you. That's it!

If you are using a email address other than the one used for your IPNE membership and your name is not obvious from the email address, please send a note to IPNETalk[at]gmail.com using the email you wish to subscribe and place "IPNE Talk Name:" and your name on the subject line.

We wish to remind IPNE members that there other other ways to ask questions and connect also. You may wish to visit the IPNE Office Hours, view the Ask the Experts videos, visit the IPNE Facebook page and join the IPNE Members Facebook Group and follow IPNE on Twitter. You can also contact a board member with an idea or if you wish to volunteer for a project by going to our Contact Page or Project Teams page. 

But if you will not come to us, IPNE Talk can come to you ... right to your inbox. 

Talk with you soon!

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